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If this site seems a bit schizophrenic over the next few months, its because there are major changes afoot in the Greylight and Grindlebone realm that we hope will result in some really positive improvements both to the site and to our activities. Actually, the site has ALWAYS been a bit schizophrenic. Grindlebone was founded as a theatre company in Baltimore while Greylight was still in operation in Southern Illinois, so when the two banners merged, there was a bit of question as to what was being done by whom. Though the website may not reflect it immediately, in the future Grindlebone will handle all the art events, publications (including Wild Shore Press) and projects like the Center for Bypassed Technologies, and Greylight will handle all performance, video, and web production, though I'm getting ahead of myself. So here's a bit of a summary of what to expect.:

First of all, we've added a Forum for discussion of Greylight/Grindlebone projects and productions. Please pop on over and help us get the conversation started.

Over the next six months the Greylight theatre will be in full hiatus as we make our move to Delaware, consolidating all the various props, equipment, costumes, tools, and assorted crap we've had in storage over half the planet into one place and commencing planning on a totally new set of seasons. Stay tuned.

Grindlebone has begun work on a new set of initiatives, including the Center for Bypassed Technologies and the construction of a demonstration solar paddlewheeler "Floating Empire" which should be in the water by May 2014 and firmly docked in Delaware by July of 2014. (see Center for Bypassed Technologies and Tales of the Floating Empire on the menu to the left). The Center for Bypassed Technologies is also accepting papers and projects for Fall 2014.

So please bear with us while we make a move, a boat, and a whole series of massive changes. Trust us, it'll be worth it.


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